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The Institute for Policy Research at The Catholic University of America is a community of scholars and researchers engaged in the analysis of public policy issues related to Catholic social thought. The interests we serve are broad and are reflected in our motto: ecclesia, patria, mundi -- Church, country, world. 

Announcing:  Under Caesar's Sword:  How Christians Respond to Persecution  

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This book, with research from Iraq by Dr. Maryann Cusimano Love, is written for anyone concerned about the persecution of Christians or more generally about the human right of religious freedom, including scholars, activists, political and religious leaders, and those who work for international organizations.

  • Brings attention to the underreported plight of persecuted Christians
  • Includes details of persecution in twenty-four countries
  • Will help activists and officials respond more effectively to persecution


Announcing: Renewing Democracy in Young America

by IPR Fellow James Youniss

and co-author Daniel Hart  


·         Argues that citizenship is a long-term psychological identity and that it's critical for youth to participate as citizens during the time of their identity formation
·         Proposes that 16- and 17-year-olds be able to vote in municipal elections and suggests that schools create science-based, community-oriented environmental engagement programs
·         Provides concrete examples of how long-term commitment to civic duties can be cultivated in youth through hands-on experiences
·         Considers how a generation arrives at its distinctive orientations toward society and politics with a look at Millennials specifically
·         Examines how educational opportunity leads to unexpected achievement, and how economic-educational opportunity leads to citizenship



Genocide in Iraq: 

"What began as a group of volunteers grew into a 'Genocide Working Group' that worked closely with Congress to make real, continuing  progress on the genocide issue."                                         Robert Destro, Dir., IPR

Representative Jeff Fortenberry, (R) of Nebraska and Anna Eshoo (D) of California, were instrumental in working with the Genocide Working Group (left) to get a genocide resolution passed in the U.S. House of Representatives in 2016. 

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 International Program Associates

The Catholic University of America’s (CUA) Institute for Policy Research & Catholic Studies (IPR) is offering international social development experiences to CUA graduating undergraduates, masters and doctoral students. International Program Associates (IPA) provides a unique opportunities (social, economic, legal, and other) to gain professional international social development experience by spending 10-weeks during the summer working for an international NGOs.

For more information about IPA, please visit the IPA website