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Dec 12 2011

EU Integration and the Common Good

Despite the agreement that was reached last Friday, the project of European integration is still facing one of its most precarious moments.  The European debt crisis has the potential to shatter not only the eurozone, but the entire European Union.  The results would be catastrophic, not only for Europe, but also for the global economy.


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Apr 30 2010

A Cautionary Note on the “Push” Towards Renewable Energy

It looks like an energy bill that attempts to address the issues of climate change, global warming, and carbon emissions will (soon) be introduced in Congress.  Against that backdrop, together with the recent approval of the “Cape Cod” wind farm, I’d like to provide a synopsis of the Earth Day lecture I gave on April 21.  The presentation was a collaborative effort based on some research I’ve been doing  with my colleague Kevin Forbes who is the Director of CUA’s Center for Energy Studies and Environmental Stewardship.  (Note:  For full disclosure, Forbes was actually scheduled to give the lecture but was unexpectedly “detained” in Germany as a result of Iceland’s volcanic eruption.)  (...) The main point we tried to get across was this:  achieving meaningful reductions in carbon emissions at the lowest possible cost requires either the imposition of a carbon tax or the implementation of a cap-and-trade program—period. Subsidizing renewable energy technologies and/or consumption, by itself or in conjunction with a carbon tax/cap-and-trade program, is a waste of resources that actually moves us in the wrong direction...


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Apr 30 2010

The Ethics of the Obama Administration’s Nuclear Weapons Policy: Catholic Perspectives

“Are you going to the conference on the ethics of nuclear weapons being held at our Catholic U.,” I asked? “I didn’t know there was a conference,” was the reply. “I do know, however, that any discussion on this topic is far more important than the discussions we are having on the economy, global warming, and other so-called significant issues making the news,” was the follow-up observation. In this conversation with a parishioner, who also teaches at Catholic U., we talked about the devastation created by the Iceland volcano and how this pales in comparison to the destruction a nuclear war would create.

With these in mind, I attended the Conference on Nuclear Weapons Policy, which was sponsored by the Institute for Policy Research & Catholic Studies and the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops. Among the many aspects of the issue discussed at the conference, one common theme seemed to emerge, at least from my perspective: is getting rid of nuclear weapons a moral imperative?...


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