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Feb 26 2010

More on the Health Care Debate

The conclusion to be drawn from President Obama’s health care summit was unsurprising but still unfortunate.  It is clear that there will be no support—zero, zilch, nada-- for the Senate version of the health care bill from Republicans.  The plain truth is the Republicans are not willing to compromise on anything in the bill because the bill itself, they contend, simply calls for far too much government involvement in the health care market through mandates, regulation, and taxes.  What they consistently fail to recognize is that much of the government involvement is there to counteract what economists call market failures, which most notably for health care are adverse selection and moral hazard. ...


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Feb 25 2010

The Loss of the “Kennedy” Seat: Why Did Democrats Panic?

After the unexpected victory of Republican Scott Brown, elected in January to fill the Senate seat formerly held by Ted Kennedy, the news was filled with negative stories about President Obama and congressional Democrats.  Health-care reform, Obama’s signature issue, is "on life support;” Democrats lack unity and direction; and the party is reportedly in deep trouble as a number of Democrats, most notably Senator Evan Bayh, retire from Congress.  Why did one election shift momentum away so completely from Democrats?...


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Feb 19 2010

Is It Time for a Catholic Tea Party?

This week in Washington at the annual convention for the Conservative Political Action Committee (CPAC), one the topics to be considered is whether “It is Time for a Catholic Tea Party?”  Several  Catholic political activists have promoted such an idea in recent weeks, following the proposal by the former Bush administration Catholic liaison, Deal Hudson.  The Tea Party movement in general, of course, is motivated against the nationalizing of governance and against what is perceived to be a top-down imposition of authority from Washington repressing individual liberty.  Tea Partiers have rich historical resources to draw from in the literature of American federalism to support their cause.  Might these same sentiments and resources be marshaled by faithful Catholics against their own hierarchical authority?...


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Feb 17 2010

On the Fiscal Stimulus

On my drive into the university this morning, I was listening to a report on National Public Radio regarding the public’s perception of the President’s economic policies, especially his stimulus package.  In short, the public believes that the stimulus package was a failure and that additional stimulus, as is being proposed, is a bad idea especially in light of federal deficit and debt concerns.


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Feb 5 2010

Academia and the U.S. Bishops Working Together

During the annual meeting of the Association of Catholic Colleges and Universities [ACCU], stronger relations between Catholic college presidents and bishops were urged by Cardinal Theodore McCarrick.
Although not mentioned by name, one of the implications was that Notre Dame should have thought twice and consulted the bishop of Ft. Wayne-South Bend before inviting and presenting President Obama with an award. Word has it this isn’t the last we will hear on the issue; the bishops will be putting more pressure on Catholic Colleges and Universities to respect their authority and church teaching.


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