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Dec 14 2011

Envisioning a Gingrich Presidency

As anyone who follows the news will know by now, former speaker of the House Newt Gingrich is the current (and surprise) front-runner for his party’s presidential nomination.  While I remain highly skeptical that Gingrich can overcome his own predilection for self-destruction and win the nomination (let alone match Mitt Romney’s money and superior organization), I’ve nonetheless found myself wondering what a Gingrich presidency might be like.  Here are my answers to four questions about such a presidency, based on my own examination of his speakership and career in the House.


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Dec 12 2011

EU Integration and the Common Good

Despite the agreement that was reached last Friday, the project of European integration is still facing one of its most precarious moments.  The European debt crisis has the potential to shatter not only the eurozone, but the entire European Union.  The results would be catastrophic, not only for Europe, but also for the global economy.


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Dec 5 2011

Coaching Seriously

Recently at the IPR office, after I gave an overly detailed analysis of my volleyball team’s recent performance (I am the head coach of a girls varsity volleyball team at a local high school), I was accused of taking sports seriously.  Guilty as charged. 

In my mind, coaching parallels teaching, and both involve a sacred duty to help boys and girls, young men and women, progress toward their full development as human persons.  Excellent coaches serve as mentors, role models, counselors, and teachers.  They inspire, motivate, support, console, encourage, and challenge their players.  They model virtue and look to instill it in their players.


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