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Oct 19 2009

Atop Impressive Shoulders

Posted by Stephen Schneck at 9:55 AM
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It's with much delight that I write to inaugurate the Institute's blog.
This comes at the moment in which we have renamed ourselves.  Formerly,
the Life Cycle Institute, we are now the Institute for Policy Research &
Catholic Studies.

The blog is offered as a venue to share insights from the research of
our Fellows and reflections on that research's significance.  What we
hope to achieve is scholarly discourse that both enriches and hones our
on-going work.  A moderated blog, our aim is not for the exchange of
banter and opinion.  Instead, we hope to foster that circle of thesis
and testing so critical for the systematic advancement of knowledge.  We
do this in light of our mission to address "policy issues related to
Catholic social thought" and in recognition of those we serve.

In this week's press release announcing our name change, I'm quoted
saying  that "The Institute's new name underscores its great work and
research since 1974." "What we have been about for 35 years has always
been research in service to policy, research in service to our academic
disciplines, and research in service to the university's religious
mission.  Our new name ... crystallizes the institute's long history and
conveys our mission now and for the future."

Indeed, today's Fellows stand on some pretty impressive shoulders.  Each
day here in our office I see reminders of the great work that has gone
before in the memorial photographs of Hans Furth, Che Fu Lee, and Dean
Hoge.  The name change, the increase in the number of Fellows, the
sharpened efforts to connect our research with policies, and even this
blog represent a reiteration of and refocusing on the founding vision of
the Institute.    And-yes-as  all who knew them will attest, Hans, Che
Fu, and Dean would have been among the first to try and use these new
media to advance their research.   :-)

So, remembering how all of this began and with anticipation about what
comes next, welcome!


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