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Mar 23 2012

The Grand Oil Party

Posted by Ernest Zampelli at 5:19 PM
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President Obama has been getting hammered by the G.O.P. and its presidential hopefuls regarding his Administration’s policies that are suffocating the development of domestic fossil fuel supplies, thereby increasing our dependence on foreign oil from unstable sources.  Let’s take a look at some data.  Here’s what’s been happening to crude oil production in the U.S. since the President took office.  It dropped precipitously around August/September of 2008.  Since then it’s been rising—OMG!! 



Steve McKenna

Steve McKenna wrote on 03/26/12 9:22 AM

"Clear as an unmuddied lake," to quote Anthony Burgess. But facts are no obstacle to the tendentious thinking of Obama's opponents on this issue, nor on a good many others. Fox News has been particularly shrill, even for them, on the gas "issue" of late. That's because it's not about gas prices, but about the right's fear of economic improvement going into the election (not to mention other anxieties about Obama as well.) John Stewart did a telling bit along these lines a couple weeks ago:

This is propaganda techniques 101: the President's opponents seed the mediasphere with false, misleading and/or irrelevant information, knowing that in addition to comforting constituencies on the right, even pseudo-controversy sells a lot of advertising. Then the White House press corps feels compelled to question the administration on the (non-)issues, which, paradoxically, only succeeds in lending an air of legitimacy to the falsehoods. Media effects research on negative advertising has shown that public correction of a false accusation tends to reinforce audiences' perception that the accusation actually has merit, particularly if it coincides with prejudices and predispositions. The left is not immune or above such machination either. Sadly, human beings generally prefer convenient error to the truth.

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