The Catholic University of America

IPR Conference


Conference Information:
Monday, April 19, 2:00-5:30 pm
Where: Curley Hall, The Catholic University of America


Mark Hugo Lopez, Associate Director, The Pew Hispanic Center
Carol J. De Vita, Senior Research Associate, The Urban Institute
Audrey Singer, Senior Fellow, The Brookings Institute
Maria-Amelia Viteri, The Catholic University of America
Marie D. Price, George Washington University
Sandra Barrueco, The Catholic University of America
John A. Kromkowski, The Catholic University of America
Enrique S. Pumar, The Catholic University of America


The goal of the conference is to explore different aspects of the incorporation of Hispanics in the Washington metropolitan region. Since the surge of the Hispanic population in the 1980s, Washington and its suburbs have been home to one of the most diverse Hispanics communities in the nation. In addition, the knowledge economy that predominates in the area presents different challenges and opportunities to new immigrants.The conference proposes to explore how these conditions have impacted the process of Hispanic incorporation and its repercussions for the region.


Conference Documents:

Coverage of the conference in the local El Pregonero newspaper: Hispanos del área metropolitana presentan marcadas diferencias

Additional Resources:

You can find additional information about the topics that were discussed at the following excellent resources:

The Urban Institute Washington DC Region 

Greater Washington DC Program at The Brookings Institute 

The Pew Hispanic Research Center 

DC Office of Latino Affairs 

CASA de Maryland



For further information about the conference, and about attending the events, you are invited to contact the organizers,
Dr. Enrique S. Pumar
Associate Professor of Sociology, The Catholic University of America  
(202) 319-5445
Mr. Adam Sitsis
Graduate Research Assistant, Department of Sociology, CUA