The Catholic University of America

Dr. Shoja Ahmadvand, PhD

Visiting Fellow

Shoja Ahmadvand's CV

Shoja Ahmadvand is an Iranian academic and writer, and currently a visiting fellow of the Institute for Policy Research & Catholic Studies (IPRs), The Catholic University of America. He is also an associate professor of Department of Political Science at Allameh Tabataba'i University, Tehran, Iran. Prior to IPRs Ahmadvand served as Vice-President for Research of Allameh Tabatab'i University (2013- September 2016); Head of Center for Regional Studies (2004-2007); Vice-Dean for Education and Postgraduates, Faculty of Law & Political Science(2007-2009); Vice-Dean for Research, Faculty of Law & Political Science(2009-2011); Head of Center for International Academic Cooperation(2011-2012). He served also as Chairman of National Conference, Ideationalism in Political Sciences & International Relations, Allameh Tabatab'i University in partnership with the Foreign Ministry of the I.R.I., November 29, 2011, Tehran; Chairman of International Conference, International System, Regional Changes and I.R.I. Foreign Policy, March 2-3, 2015, Tehran. He is A Member of Iranian Political Science Association (2008-now) and he is Editor-in-chief, The State Studies Quarterly; an Academic Research Journal of ATU Faculty of Law & Political Science.