The Catholic University of America

William Barbieri, Ph.D.

IPR Fellow
Email: barbieri[at]
Phone: 202-319-4767
Department: Department of Religious Studies

Dr. Barbieri's research focuses on the interface between ethics and political theory. This research goes hand in hand with his involvement with the university's work in peace and justice studies, service learning, and international social development. For example, Dr. Barbieri is currently engaged in developing a theoretical framework that would integrate his previous explorations of the ethical dimensions of immigration, of citizenship, and of multiculturalism. At the core of this project is the idea of "constitutive justice," which encompasses the normative disputes about how the boundaries of various sorts of communities ought to be set or revised. Another project in which Dr. Barbieri is involved deals with "soccer nationalisms" – i.e. the ways in which the world's most popular sport is used in the construction of both exclusive and relatively inclusive conceptions of nationality.

Besides these concerns, Dr. Barbieri continues to work in the field of religion and culture, concentrating on methodological aspects of the comparative study of ethical traditions. In addition, Dr. Barbieri is also active in the field of German studies, and is a member of IPR's Working Group on Civility.