The Catholic University of America

Rev. Aniedi Okure, OP, Ph.D.

IPR Fellow
Email: director[a]
(202) 319-5999
Department of Sociology

Rev. Aniedi Okure is a member of the Dominican Order, and an adjunct faculty in the Department of Sociology, The Catholic University of America, and a Fellow of the Institute of Policy Research and Catholic Studies. He is an alumnus of Les Facultés Catholique, Kinshasa, University of Ife, and of The Catholic University of America; and did graduate studies at Boston University. Aniedi Okure's specialization is in the sociology of knowledge, religion and social change, civil societies, and citizenship and identity in postcolonial societies. He has taught at The George Washington University, the University of California Davis and the University of Ife, Nigeria, where he served as associate director of campus ministry for six years.

Since 2003, he has contributed to many research projects at IPR (then, the Life Cycle Institute). His research interests are related to the movements of international priests and religious; African and Caribbean foreign-born in the United States; church and state in postcolonial societies; and cultural diversity in a global society. He studied the impact of foreign-born clergy in the United States with Professor Dean Hoge; co-authored International Priests in America: Challenges and Opportunities (2006), and researched for the study on African and Caribbean Catholics in the United States (2008). He is a frequently invited speaker on topics concerning international priests and cultural diversity. From 1995 to 2001, he was the Coordinator of Ethnic Ministries at the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, serving as research specialist on ethnic groups and immigrant communities in the United States, and was co-chair for the breakout sessions of Encuentro 2000.

Presently, he is studying family relationships and the negotiation of household tasks among the African-born in the United States.