The Catholic University of America

Rev. Aniedi Okure, OP, Ph.D.

IPR Fellow
Email: director[a]
(202) 319-5999
Department of Sociology

Dominican Father Aniedi Okure is the Executive Director of Africa Faith & Justice Network (AFJN: and an instructor at Loyola Marymount University Cultural Orientation Program for International Ministers (COPIM). He comes with a range of experience in teaching, campus ministry and working with migrant communities. With a PhD (sociology) from The Catholic University of America he has done research in religion and social change, civil societies, identity in postcolonial societies and cross-cultural encounters. Presently, he is leading AFJN in developing practical ways of applying Catholic Social Teaching to nurture Catholic Civil Societies in Africa and empower them to promote just governance and the common good throughout the continent. He served as Coordinator of Ethnic Ministries at the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops and has published works on the impact of immigrant communities and international priests on local churches in the US, and on intercultural competency; including “Integration of African Immigrants in US Communities” (2013) and “Intercultural Competencies: Engaging African-Born Clergy and Religious in the United States” (2015). He is the co-author of International Priests in America (2006), and African and Caribbean Catholics in the United States (2008). He is a frequent guest at Voice of America TV Program Straight Talk Africa and a regularly invited speaker on intercultural competency, immigrant communities in the US, and Africa related policy issues, and serves on the Governing Board of Jubilee USA.