The Catholic University of America

IPR Fellow
Department: Theology and Religious Studies

Monsignor Stephen J. Rossetti is a research associate professor in the School of Theology and Religious Studies at The Catholic University of America and is a licensed psychologist and Doctor of Ministry. He teaches pastoral counseling and pastoral theology courses to both seminarians and doctoral students. 
He is often asked to speak to gatherings of Catholic clergy around the world sharing his research on priestly happiness, burnout, and wellness. His research and books, "The Joy of Priesthood" and "Why Priests are Happy" demonstrate a high degree of wellness and happiness among Catholic priests.
As the former President of Saint Luke Institute, a residential treatment program for clergy and religious, he is regularly consulted by Church leaders on wellness issues for priests and religious. He has been speaking in recent years also on the area of dealing with and treatment of trauma from terrorism and traumatic events.  Msgr. Rossetti promotes the importance of local Churches being prepared to deal with acts of terrorism and societal traumas.  He is a consultant to the Pontifical Commission for the Protection of Minors and is an international expert in the area of child protection in the Catholic Church. His new book is:  “The Priestly Blessing: Rediscovering the Gift” is being published Fall 2018 by Ave Maria Press. Msgr Rossetti has been helping seminarians and priests understand the theology, practice and importance of giving blessings.  From 2014-2018, he has been a Visiting Professor at the Gregorian University in Rome.