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Andrew V. Abela, Ph.D.

Abela, Andrew V. “Subsidiarity and the Just Wage: The Implications of Catholic Social Teaching for the Minimum Wage Debate.” Journal of Markets & Morality. (forthcoming)

O’Sullivan, Don and Andrew V. Abela. “Marketing Performance Measurement Ability and High Technology Firm Performance: An Examination of Mediating Influences.” European Journal of Marketing. (forthcoming)

Abela, Andrew V. “Digesting the Raisins of Wrath: Business, Ethics, and the Archival Profession.” American Archivist. (forthcoming)

Abela, Andrew V. and Patrick Murphy. “Marketing with Integrity: Ethics and the New Dominant Logic for Marketing.” Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, 2008.

O’Sullivan, Don and Andrew V. Abela. “Marketing Performance Measurement Ability and Firm Performance,” Journal of Marketing, v. 71 (April), 79-93, 2007.

Abela, Andrew V. “The Price of Freedom: Consumerism and Liberty in Secular Research and Catholic Teaching.” Journal of Markets & Morality. 2007.

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Jon W. Anderson, Ph.D.

Anderson, Jon W. "Loya Jirga." The Oxford Encyclopedia of the Modern Islamic World. Edited by John L. Esposito. 2009.

Anderson, Jon W. & Eickelman, Dale F. "Nouveaux medias et nouveaux publics dans le monde arabe." In Les Arabes parlent aux Arabes. La révolution de l'information dans le monde arabe. Edited byYves Gonzalez-Quijano & Tourya Guaaybess. Paris: Sinbad (Actes Sud), 2009

Anderson, Jon W. "Cybaritas." In La Etnografía y sus Aplicaciones. Lecturas desde la Antropología Social y Cultural. Edited by Raul Sanchez Molina. Madrid: Editorial universitaria Ramon Areces, 2009.

Anderson, Jon W. "Between Freedom and Coercion: Inside Internet Implantation in the Middle East" The New Arab Media: Technology, Image and Perception. Edited by Emma Murphy & Majoub Zweiri. London: Etheca Press, 2009.

Anderson, Jon W. "Electronic Media and New Muslim Publics." The New Cambridge History of Islam. Vol. 6. Muslims & Modernity: Culture & Society since 1800. Edited by Robert Hefner. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2009

Anderson, Jon W. “The Internet.” The Oxford Encyclopedia of the Modern Middle East. Second Edition. 2008.

Anderson, Jon W. "Striking New State-Society Bargains Over the Internet." International Journal of Middle East Studies, 39(4): 536-7, 2007.

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William Barbieri, Ph.D.

Barbieri, William. "Of Footballers, Fundamentalists, and Former Foreigners: Multiculturality and Integration in Germany." in The Oxford Handbook of Modern German History, edited by Helmut Walser Smith. Oxford: Oxford University Press. (forthcoming)

Barbieri, William. "Christian Attitudes Toward War." In The Cambridge Dictionary of Christianity, edite dby Daniel Patte. Cambridge, Cambridge University Press. (forthcoming)

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Sandra Barrueco, Ph.D.

Barrueco, S., Lopez, M.L. & Miles, J.C. "Parenting behaviors in the first year of life: A
national examination of Latinos and other cultural groups." Latinos and Education, 6(3), 253-265. 2007

Riley, A. W., Valdez, C.R., Barrueco, S., Mills, C.L., Beardslee, W., Sandler, I., & Rawal, P. "Development of a family-based program to reduce risk and promote resilience among families affected by maternal depression: Theoretical basis and program description." Clinical Child and Family Psychology Review, 11, 12-29. 2008.

López, M. L. & Barrueco, S. (2007). "In search of meaning: Disentangling the complex influences on children’s school readiness." In Early Disparities in School Readiness: How do Families Contribute to Successful and Unsuccessful Transitions into School. Mahwah, NJ: Lawrence Erlbaum Associates.

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Carole W. Brown, Ph.D.

Brown, C., Olson, H.C., & Croninger, R. "Maternal Alcohol Consumption During Pregnancy and Infant Social, Mental and Motor Development." Journal of Early Intervention, 32 (2), 110-126, 2010.

Carmichael Olson, H., Ohlemiller, M, O’Connor, M, Brown, C., Morris, C. & Damus, K. "Essential Services for Individuals with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) and their Families: A call to action.“ Research and Policy Report from the Centers for Disease Control National Task Force on FAS/FAE-Post Exposure Working Group, CDC, Atlanta, CA. 2009.

Greenberg, J., Brown, C., Hostetler, S., Keel, E., Smith, M. & Waldock, A. "The Kreeger Museum’s Hear Art, See Music Program." The International Journal of Inclusive Museums, 2008.

Brown, C., Shuster, J., Illmer, D. "Early Intervention Programs." Encyclopedia of Educational Psychology. SAGE publications. 2008.

Long, T. & Brown, C., & Nagy Rado, A. "Preparing Special Educators to Assume Collaborative and Consultative Roles." Catholic Education: A Journal of Inquiry and Practice, 9 (8), 2007.

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Sr. Ann Patrick Conrad, Ph.D.

O’Donnell, P., Ferrar, A., Brintzenhoef-Szoc, K., Conrad, A.P., et al. "Predictors of Ethical Stress, Moral Action and Job Satisfaction in Health Care Social Work." Social Work in Health Care, 46 (3), 29-51, 2008.

Conrad, A.P. & Joseph, M.V. "Revising the Catholic Charities USA Code of Ethics: A Process, A Produce, and a Moral Framework for Ethical Responsibility." Charities U.S.A., 32 (2). 2007.

Conrad, A.P. “Ethical Competence in Social Work Supervision: Key Considerations for Ethical Practice.” In Social Work Supervision in Health Care. Petersburg, VA.: The Dietz Press, 00, 31-48, 2007.

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John J. Convey, Ph.D.

Convey, John J. Northern Colorado Catholic High School Feasibility Study: Enrollment Potential and Interest. Washington, DC: The Catholic University of America, March 2009.

Convey, John J. Diocese of Alexandria Planning Study for Catholic Schools: A Report to the Most Reverend Ronald P. Herzog. Washington, DC: The Catholic University of America, April 2007.

Convey, John J. Archdiocese of Atlanta Planning Study for Catholic Schools: A Report to the Most Reverend Wilton D. Gregory. Washington, DC: The Catholic University of America, May 2009.

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Maryann Cusimano Love, Ph.D.

Cusimano Love, Maryann. "What Kind of Peace Do We Seek? Emerging Peacebuilding Institutions and Norms of Just Peace." In Theology of Peacebuilding, edited by Scott Appleby. Oxford University Press, 2009. (commissioned)

Cusimano Love, Maryann. "The New Bully Pulpit: Global Media and Foreign Policy." In The Media and American Politics, edited by Mark Rozell. Lanham, MD: Rowman & Littlefield, 2008.

Cusimano Love, Maryann. "An End to Torture: U.S. Foreign Policy and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights at Sixty." Cover article, America Magazine (December 1, 2008).

Cusimano Love, Maryann. "When the Entire Economy Becomes a Nigerian Email Scam: Benedict’s Call for Truth and Trust." Feature article, America Magazine (July 2009).

Cusimano Love, Maryann. "God and Global Governance." America Magazine (July 30, 2009_.

Cusimano Love, Maryann. "Educating for Peace." America Magazine (October 5, 2009).

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William V. D'Antonio, Ph.D.

D'Antonio, William V, Pogorelc, Anthony J. "The Sociology of Religion." In Concise Encyclopedia of Comparative Sociology, edited by Masamichi Sasaki, et al.  Boston: Brill, 2014. PDF

White, John Kenneth and William V. D’Antonio. “Catholics and the Politics of Change: The Presidential Campaigns of Two JFKs.” In Religion and the Bush Presidency, edited by Mark J. Rozell and Gleaves Whitney. New York: Palgrave Macmillan, 2007.

D’Antonio, William V., Steven A. Tuch, John Kenneth White. “Catholicism, Abortion, and the Emergence of the ‘Culture Wars’ in the US Congress, 1971-2006.” In Catholics and Politics: The Dynamic Tension between Faith and Power, edited by Kristin E. Heyer, Mark J. Rozell, Michael A. Genovese. Washington, D.C.: Georgetown University Press, 2008.

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Robert A. Destro, J.D. 

Destro, Robert A. “Learning Neuroscience the Hard Way: The Terri Schiavo Case and the Ethics of Effective Representation”, 78 (4) Mississippi Law Journal 101-171, 2009.

Destro, Robert A. “Issues of Church Property, Management, Fundraising, and Taxation in the United States of America.” Institute of World Religions (Chinese Academy of Social Sciences), Beijing, China, 31 May-2 June, 2008

Destro, Robert A. "The Art of War: Sun-Tzu on the Importance of Religion in American Diplomacy." Faith & Law, Dirksen Senate Office Building, Washington, DC, United States, May 9, 2008.

Destro, Robert A. “Lessons in Legal and Judicial Ethics from Schiavo: The Special Responsibilities of Lawyers and Judges in Cases Involving Persons with Severe Cognitive Disabilities.” In The Criminal Justice System and Health Care, edited by Charles A. Erin & Suzanne Ost. Oxford University Press, 2007.

Destro, Robert A. “Human Rights, Federalism & the Principle of Subsidiarity: A Comparison of European and American Concepts of Citizenship and Human Rights”, at the conference Constitutionalism and Human Rights in Europe and America: Continuity and New Developments (Embassy of the Republic of Poland and Comparative and International Law Institute), at the Columbus School of Law, Washington, D.C., March 28, 2007.

Destro, Robert A. Interview with Jill Dougherty, CNN International, “The First Muslim Congressman and the Separation of Church and State,” Monday, January 8, 2007.

Destro, Robert A. Foreword to Educing Information: Interrogation: Science and Art – Foundations for the Future (National Defense Intelligence College, Intelligence Sciences Board, Phase 1 Report, 2006.

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Linda Pitt Donaldson, Ph.D.

Donaldson, L.P., Early, B. P., & Wang, M. "Toward Building a Culture of Strengths in U.S. M.S.W. Programs." Advances in Social Work, 10(2). (in press)

Donaldson, L.P. "Toward Integrating Catholic Social Teaching with Graduate Social Work Education." Journal of Catholic Higher Education, 27(1). (in press).

Fullerton, C., Gifford, R., Flynn, B., Peterson, K., Ahearn, F., Donaldson, L.P., Ursano, R. (in press). "The Effects of the 2002 Sniper Attacks on the Homeless in Washington, D.C." Disaster Medicine and Public Health Preparedness.

Donaldson, L.P., Ahearn, F., Fullerton, C., Gifford, R., & Flynn, B. "Resiliency Among People Who Were Homeless During the Sniper Attacks of October 2002." Journal of Poverty, 13(1), 20-39, 2009.

Donaldson, L.P. & Shields, J. "Development of the Policy Advocacy Behavior Scale: Initial Reliability and Validity." Research on Social Work Practice, 19, 83-92, 2009.

Donaldson, L. P. "Developing a Progressive Advocacy Program within a Human Services Agency." Administration in Social Work, Volume 32, 2, 25-47, 2008.

Donaldson, L. P. "Advocacy by Nonprofit Human Services: Organizational factors as Correlates to Advocacy Behavior." Journal of Community Practice, 15, 3, 139-158, 2007.

Manderscheid, R. & Donaldson, L. eds. "Community Mental Health Ccollaboratives from Michigan to China. [Special Issue]." International Journal of Mental Health, 15, 3. 2007.

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Robert D. Duggan, S.T.D.

Duggan, Robert D. “The Secret to Successful Parish Stewardship” Today’s Parish Minister 40, 6 (October, 2008): 14-15.

Duggan, Robert D. “The Congregation as a Place of Spiritual Formation.” Shalem News (Winter-Spring, 2007): 6-7.

Duggan, Robert D. “Opportunity Knocks: A Parish Leadership Development Model.” Origins 37, 5 (June 14, 2007): 75-79.

Duggan, Robert D. “What Catechumens Need to Know about Catholic Social Teaching.” Today’s Parish Minister 39, no. 7 (November/December, 2007): 12-13.

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Kevin Forbes, Ph.D.

Forbes, Kevin, and A. Newall. "Wind: A Sustainable but Policy Senstive Energy Source, The Business of Sustainability." (forthcoming)

Forbes, Kevin, and A. Newall. "Natural Gas: A Sustainable Fossil Fuel? The Business of Sustainability." (forthcoming)

Forbes, K., and Ernest Zampelli. "Unified vs. Fragmented Markets: The International Oil and Pharmaceutical Industries." In The Dimensions of Globalization: Proceedings of the First Biannual Che-Fu Lee Memorial Symposium. (forthcoming)

Forbes, K., and Ernest Zampelli. "Modeling the Growth in Gas Reserves From Known Fields." The Energy Journal, May 2009.

Forbes, Kevin. "Solar Activity and Economic Fundamentals: Evidence from 12 Geographically Disparate Power Grids, Space Weather, (2008), 6, S10003, doi:10.1029/2007SW000350.( O. C. St. Cyr ).

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Matthew Green, Ph.D.

Green, Matthew. “Congress and the Bailout: Explaining the Bailout Votes and Their Electoral Effect" (with Kristen Hudak). Extension of Remarks, Legislative Studies Section Newsletter 32:1 (2009), American Political Science Association.

Green, Matthew. ”The 2006 Race for Democratic Majority Leader: Money, Policy, and Personal Loyalty." PS: Political Science & Politics 41: 1 (2008), 63-67.

Green, Matthew. "Presidents and Personal Goals: The Speaker of the House as Nonmajoritarian Leader." Congress and the Presidency 34: 2 (2007), 1-22.

Green, Matthew. "Goal Salience and the 2006 Race for House Majority Leader" (with Doug Harris). Political Research Quarterly 60 (2007), 618-630.

Green, Matthew. "Race, Party, and Contested Elections to the U.S. House of Representatives." Polity 39 (2007), 155-178.

Green, Matthew. "110th Congress Summons Spirit of 1919-20." Roll Call, Guest Observer, 29 March (2007).

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Sandra Hanson, Ph.D.

Hanson, Sandra L. and John Zogby. "The Polls-Trends: Attitudes About the American Dream. Public Opinion Quarterly. (forthcoming)

Hanson, Sandra L. and Yu Meng. “Science Majors and Degrees among Asian-American Students: Influences of Race and Sex in 'Model Minority' Experiences." Journal of Women and Minorities in Science and Engineering. 14: 225-52. (2008).

Hanson, Sandra L. "Success in Science Among Young African American Women: The Role of Minority Families." Journal of Family Issues 28 (1): 3-33 (2007).

Hanson, Sandra L., Ivy Kennelly, and Stephan Fuchs. “Perceptions about Fairness: Gender, and Attitudes about Opportunity among Scientists in Germany and the U.S.” Journal of Women and Minorities in Science and Engineering 13: 231-58. (2007).

Hanson Sandra L. “Young Women, Sports and Science.” Theory and Practice 46 (2): 155-161. (2007) 

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Rev. Eugene F. Hemrick 

Hemrick, Eugene F. "A Year of Preaching." The Priest (July 2009).

Hemrick, Eugene F. "Culture and a Cultured Priesthood." The Priest. (December 2009).

Hemrick, Eugene F. "The Heart of Parish Renewal." Syndicated column, The Human Side, Catholic News Service (September 21, 2009).

Hemrick, Eugene F. "The Worth of a Church Facility." Syndicated column, The Human Side, Catholic News Service (September 7, 2009).

Hemrick, Eugene F. "Youth Ministry: A Lifelong Job" Syndicated column, The Human Side, Catholic News Service (August 24, 2009).

Hemrick, Eugene F. "The Anatomy of Racism." Syndicated column, The Human Side, Catholic News Service (July 20, 2009).

Hemrick, Eugene F. "Moderation in All Things ." Syndicated column, The Human Side, Catholic News Service.  (July 6, 2009).

Hemrick, Eugene F. "The Notre Dame-Obama Controversy." Syndicated column, The Human Side, Catholic News Service (April 27, 2009).

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Stephen McKenna, Ph.D.

McKenna, Stephen. “Lincoln at Cooper Union.” “Lincoln’s Sword." Double review, Rhetorical Review 6:2 (June 2008).

McKenna, Stephen. “Lincoln At Gettysburg: The Speech that Nobody Knows” Rhetorical Review 7:1 (Feb. 2009).

McKenna, Stephen.“The Eloquent President: A Portrait of Lincoln Through His Words" Review, Rhetorical Review (Oct. 2006)

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Mary A. Paterson, Ph.D.

Telyukov, Alexander and Paterson, Mary A. Impact Evaluation of PRM Humanitarian Assistance to the Repatriation and Reintegration of Burundi Refugees (2003-2007). Evaluation Report. United States Department of State, Washington, DC (2009).

Paterson, Mary A. "Nursing Policy Primer: Putting Policy to Work for Your Practice." JNP: The Journal for Nurse Practitioners, 4:10 (2008), pp. 776-779.

Paterson, Mary A., and Grandjean, C. (2008) "The Bridge to Practice Model: A Collaborative Program Designed for Clinical Experiences in Baccalaureate Nursing." Nursing Economics, 26:5 (2008), pp.302-306.

Paterson, Mary A., and McMullen, P. "International Collaborative Initiatives for Nurses" In Nursing Without Borders, eidted by Sharon M. Weinstein and Ann Marie Brooks. Indiana: Sigma Theta Tau International, 2007.

Paterson, Mary A., and McMullen, P. "So You Want To Be a Legal Nurse Consultant or an Expert Witness: Issues and Considerations." JNP:The Journal for Nurse Practitioners, 3:1 (2007), pp 29-32.

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Rev. Anthony J. Pogorelc, Ph.D

Pogorelc, Anthony J.  2011.  “Movement to Movement Transmission and the Role of Place: The Relationship between Catholic Action and Call to Action.”  Sociology of Religion.

Pogorelc, Anthony J. and William V. D’Antonio.  2009.  “Surveys show who may be leaving the Catholic Church.”  National Catholic Reporter (January 9: p. 15)

Pogorelc, Anthony J. 2008.  “What the Pope’s Visit Reveals about American Catholics.”  Catholic Digest Online.

Pogorelc, Anthony J. “Embodying and Passing on the Tradition Together.” in Ganim, Carole, editor.  2008.  Shaping Catholic Parishes: Pastoral Leaders in the Twenty-First Century.  Chicago: Loyola Press. 

Pogorelc, Anthony J. and Donald R. McCrabb.  2006.  “Pastoral Practice as a Source of Continuing Formation in Human Wisdom and Grace.”  Bulletin de Saint-Sulpice

Pogorelc, Anthony J.  2004.  “Today’s Seminarian and Spiritual Direction.”  Bulletin de Saint-Sulpice 30: 99-111.

Pogorelc, Anthony J.  2003.  Archbishop John Carroll; Bernard Cardinal Law; Call to Action; Fr. Robert Drinan; Pax Christi.  Encyclopedia of American Religion and Politics.  Ed. Paul A. Djupe and Laura R. Olson.  New York: Facts on File. 

Pogorelc, Anthony J. and James D. Davidson.  2000. “American Catholics: One Church, Two Cultures?”  Review of Religious Research 42: 146-158.

Davidson, James D., Margaret E. Cole and Anthony J. Pogorelc.  1997.  The Economic Impact of Religious Organizations: Results from Two Recent Studies.  In The Changing Social Contract.  Waldorf, Maryland: Independent Sector.  Pp. 93-111.

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Enrique Pumar, Ph.D.

Pumar, Enrique. “The Arduous Path of Political Transitions.” Cuba in Transition, 19 (2010).

Pumar, Enrique. “Marxists Terrorist Groups.” In Encyclopedia of Terrorism.

Pumar, Enrique. “How Revolutions Justify Themselves.” In A Changing Cuba. In a Changing World, edited by Mauricio A. Font. CUNY: Bildner Publications, 2009, 111-136.

Pumar, Enrique. “Socio-Economic Consequences of Sustainable Development.” In The Encyclopedia of American Reform Movements, edited by Heather Kaufman and Jack McKivigan. Library of American History Series. Facts On File, 2009.

Pumar, Enrique. “The Politics of Framing.” Cuba in Transition, 17: 437-445 (2008).

Pumar, Enrique. “Latinos in Maryland and Washington DC.” In Latino America: State-By-State, edited by Mark Overmyer-Velazques. 2 Volumes. Westport, CT: Greenwood Press, 2008.

Pumar, Enrique. “Neo-Malthusianism.” In Encyclopedia of Social Problems, edited by Vincent Parrillo. Sage Publications, 2008.

Pumar, Enrique. “Economic Development.” In Encyclopedia of Social Problems, edited by Vincent Parrillo. Sage Publications, 2008.

Pumar, Enrique. “Transnational Threats and Security in the Americas. Patterns, Contradictions, and More.” The Economics of Peace and Security Journal 2, 2 (2007): 54-61.

Pumar, Enrique. “Colombian Americans.” In Multicultural America, edited by Ron Baylor, 2010.

Pumar, Enrique. “Public Intellectuals and Democracy.” In The World History Encyclopedia, 2008.

Pumar, Enrique. “Latinos in Maryland and Washington DC.” In Latino America: State-By-State., edited by Mark Overmyer-Velazques. 2 Volumes. Westport, CT: Greenwood Press, 2008.

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Stephen S. Schneck, Ph.D.

Schneck, Stephen S. “The Scylla of Sameness and the Charybdis of Difference: On the Plural Society.” The Plural Society. Studium General Marcianum, 2010. (forthcoming)

Schneck, Stephen S. “The Paradox of Catholic Politics in America.” The Culture of Catholicism in America, edited by Hermann Schnackertz. Frankfurt: Suhrkamp Verlag, 2010. (forthcoming)

Schneck, Stephen S. “Strauss and Aquinas: Nature and Political Theory,” Review of Politics. (under review)

Schneck, Stephen S. “Glenn Tinder’s Liberty: Rethinking an Imperiled Ideal.” Journal of Church And State (2008).

Schneck, Stephen S. “New World Order Revisited: Jurgen Habermas’s The Divided West.” The Review of Politics (Fall 2008).

Schneck, Stephen S. “Catholic Idea for the Common Good: Policy Prescriptions for 2008.” Origins (November 29, 2007).

Schneck, Stephen S. “Introduction to the Theme.” Seminary Journal (Winter 2007).

Schneck, Stephen S. “Fourier, Charles.” The World Book Encyclopedia. 2007.

Schneck, Stephen S. “Engels, Friedrich.” The World Book Encyclopedia. 2007.

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Merylan J. Schuttloffel, Ph.D.

Schuttloffel, M.J. "Communicating the Faith in the United States." In Communicating the Faith, edited by J. Sullivan. Washington, DC: CUA Press, December 2010.

Schuttloffel, M.J. "Déjà-Vu All Over Again." Catholic Education: A Journal of Inquiry and Practice. (September 2010)

Schuttloffel, M. J. “The American Catholic Identity Or the Catholic American Identity: Changing Time and Changing Purposes for Catholic Schooling.” In The Culture of Catholicism in the United States Monograph Series. Heidelberg, Germany: Winter Verlag, 2010.

Schuttloffel, M. J. "Contemporary Challenges to the Recruitment, Formation, and Retention of Catholic School Leadership in the United States." In International Handbook of Catholic Education, edited by G. Grace & J. O'Keefe, 85-102. London: Springer, 2007.

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Rev. Paul Sullins, Ph.D.

Sullins, Paul. "The Meaning and Means of a Catholic Intellectual Culture." Studies in Catholic Higher Education (2009).

Sullins, Paul and Anthony Blasi. "The Compendium of the Social Doctrine of the Church: Introduction and Critique." In Catholic Social Thought: American Reflections on the Compendium, edited by Paul Sullins and Anthony Blasi. Lexington Press (October 2008): vii-xiv.

Sullins, Paul. "The Social Theory of Catholic Social Teaching." Chapter two of Catholic Social Thought: American Reflections on the Compendium, edited by Paul Sullins and Anthony Blasi.  Lexington Press (October 2008):15-28.

Sullins, Paul and Richard Gillum, MD. "Cigarette Smoking during Pregnancy: Independent Associations with Religious Affiliation." Southern Medical Journal 101:7 (July 2008): 686-692.

Sullins, Paul. "Sociology: A Catholic Critique." In The Encyclopedia of Catholic Social Thought, Social Science and Social Policy, eidted by Varacalli, Krason, Myers and Coulter. Lanham, MD: Scarecrow Press, 2007.

Sullins, Paul. "New Momentum in the Church: Reflections and Report." Seminary Journal (January 2007).

Sullins, Paul. Review of "The Catholic Social Imagination: Activism and the Just Society in Mexico and the United States" (University of Chicago Press: 2007) by Joseph Palacios. Religion (October 2008).

Sullins, Paul. Review of "Christianity and the Crisis of Cultures" (Ignatius Press: 2005) and "Values in a Time of Upheaval" (Crossroad Publishing: 2006), by Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger/Pope Benedict XVI. The Journal of Church and State, 49:2 (Spring 2007): 368-70.

"Background and Preliminary Issues regarding Pastoral Provision Priests". 11 pages. White paper prepared for Archbishop John Myers, Archdiocese of Newark, Ecclesiastical Delegate for the Pastoral Provision. Presented August 2007.

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James Youniss, Ph.D.

Hart, D., Donnelly, T. M., Youniss, J., & Atkins, R. "High School Community Service as a Predictor of Adult Voting and Volunteering." American Education Research Journal, 44 (2007): 197- 220.

McIntosh, H., Youniss, J., & Hart, D. "The Influence of Family Political Discussion on Youth Civic Development. " PS: Political Science and Politics, 15 (2007): 495- 499.

Youniss, J. "When Morality Meets Politics in Development." Journal of Moral Education, 38 (2009): 129- 144.

Zaff, J., Youniss, J., & Gibson, C. "An Inequitable Invitation to Citizenship." White Paper for Philanthropy for Active Civic Engagement. Washington, DC: Case Foundation, 2009.

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Ernest M. Zampelli, Ph.D.

Zampelli, Ernest, R. Iyengar and J. Land. “Does Board Governance Improve the Quality of Accounting Earnings.” Accounting Research Journal (2010). (forthcoming)

Zampelli, Ernest and R. Iyengar. “Does Accounting Conservatism Pay.” Accounting and Finance (2010). (forthcoming)

Zampelli, Ernest and Kevin Forbes. “Modeling the Growth in Gas Reserves in Known Fields.” Energy Journal (2009).

Zampelli, Ernest and R. Iyengar. “Self-Selection, Endogeneity, and the Relationship Between CEO Duality and Firm Performance.” Strategic Management Journal, 30 (2009): 1092-1112.

Zampelli, Ernest and R. Iyengar. “Auditor Independence, Executive Pay, and Firm Performance.” Accounting and Finance, 48:2 (2008): 259-278.

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Barbara B. Zikmund, Ph.D.

Zikmund, Barbara Brown. “Women in Leadership in Theological Education.” An issue of Theological Education  (2010).(forthcoming)

Zikmund, Barbara Brown. “When Chaos is Creative Loosen Up.” Review of Brafman and Beckstrom, "The Starfish and the Spider: The Unstoppable Power of Leadersless Organizations." Christian Century (September 18, 2007): 32-35.

Zikmund, Barbara Brown. "Open Conversation and Dialogue on Ecumenism and Interfaith Relations in 2007." Ecumenical Trends (June 2007): 92-93.

Zikmund, Barbara Brown. “The Legacy of this Place: Oberlin, Ohio.” Journal of Ecumenical Studies, 42 (Fall 2007): 499-510.

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