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IPR White Papers

This page contains studies commissioned by the Institute for Policy Research & Catholic Studies, papers written by the Institute's Fellows, as well as documents from conferences organized under the aegis of IPR.


William A. Barbieri, Ph.D., IPR Fellow

The Ethics of the Obama Administration’s Nuclear Policy

April 26, 2010

"We live in interesting times indeed when Mssrs. Schulz, Kissinger, Perry, and Nunn become the avatars of the movement for a nuclear-free world. But they have lots of company. In my remarks, I want to touch on three topics. The first is the emergence of a broad ethical consensus—one that unites the just-war and nonviolent strands of the Catholic community—in support of nuclear abolitionism. The second is an assessment, from that standpoint, of the Obama administration’s recent moves regarding nuclear policy. The third of my topics is the shape of a Catholic abolitionist agenda for moving ahead..."  



James McCann, Ph.D., IPR Visiting Fellow

The Pull of the Parties for Immigrants in the United States

April 21-23, 2011

"Immigrants in the United States frequently express a desire to return to their country of birth, an attitude that could undermine political acculturation and democratic inclusion in the American context. This mindset has been labeled an “ideology of return.” Drawing from original surveys of the Mexican-born population conducted during the 2006 and 2008 elections, we show that partisan competition during major national campaigns has the potential to pull immigrants towards U.S. civic life and make the prospect of remaining in the country over the long-term a more attractive option."